Certification Programs Benefit You , Your client and the industry

Over the course of my career I have received and maintained several Industry Certifications and Licenses .

When you get and renew Industry Certifications, you will stay current on new legislation, and any sort of new methods or concepts that are very beneficial for you and your career. It shows that you have taken the initiative to maintain your training and keep up-to-date in the field. This can make you more employable, and help you move up in your career. It can also help you work more efficiently and with more confidence in your daily tasks. You’ll not only stand out from others in your field, you’ll also be able to then build on that certification by getting even more advanced certifications in the future.

Employers always have a desire to maintain a very polished and professional image in our industry. It helps companies get more clients,  and positions them to be more credible and respected. Having Appraisers, Umpires, Experts, and Adjusters with certifications reflects very well on the company or client that hired you– it says “We hire the best.” 

When it comes right down to the final person or entity affected by your work – the client or policyholder – your knowledge of our claims industry can directly impact them. If you are more knowledgeable, and have the certification training to back that fact up, you produce something that is effective, reliable and credible for your client on both sides of the storm.

Brad Hays

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