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Appraiser & Umpire Certification

December 01, 2024

Boston, Massachusetts

Company Description

This association has been formed to establish and maintain the highest level of professional standards and services for the purposes of protecting the rights of the insured and insurers in the Appraisal process.

Course Description

One of the primary goals of our organization is to provide education to the appraisal community. As part of that goal, we offer and provide an Appraiser & Umpire Class and Examination for Certification (CPIA & CPIU). The class and examination are offered at our events throughout the year in a controlled environment. There is no obligation or fee to take the examination.

Those who take and pass the examination will be offered the opportunity to join our organization (membership subject to IAUA Board Approval) and obtain the designation of IAUA “Certified Property Insurance Appraiser (CPIA), or IAUA “Certified Property Insurance Umpire (CPIU).” You will then be awarded the actual “Certificate” and be listed as an IAUA Member with that designation on our website. If you have completed and passed BOTH examinations and are an IAUA member, you will be awarded the designation of “Certified Property Appraiser and Umpire (CPAU).”