Settle the Claim! Summit Comments

“Overall great program!”
Shane Sosa-TX, Appraiser, Umpire, Public Adjuster Attendee

“I really appreciated the talks included self improvement elements. More often than not only about work, laws, changes, and facts but we lack the human element. That was refreshing. Mr. Hays did a great job about mixing both elements. He also was interactive and kept us engaged.” Thank you!
Ana Brenner-TX, Appraiser – Attendee

“The use of psychology in the process was great . Overall excellent class and presentation. I hope the whole group got as much joy as I did.”
Adam Brenner-TX, Appraiser, Umpire, Independent Adjuster, Public Adjuster – Attendee

“Most conferences don’t address or teach negotiation skills. This was a good worksop for teaching these skills. I enjoyed it very much!”
Sandy Davis-TX, Public Adjuster – Attendee

“A lot of good info!”
Fred Chase-TX, Appraiser, Umpire, Public Adjuster – Attendee

“Precise, To The Point! Great advice and instruction.”
Charles Rogers-TX, Appraiser, Umpire, Independent Adjuster – Attendee

“Great Job! Great Info!”
Ches BostickTX, -TX, Appraiser, Umpire, Public Adjuster – Attendee

“Brad, thanks for the invite to participate in your first Settle The Claim Summit. It is a pleasure to participate in events that promote a productive dialogue of the issues facing our industry and how we can collectively do better for the benefit of all involved parties.”
Steve Badger- TX, Defense Attorney – Speaker

“I am deeply honored to have been a part of the ‘Settle the Claim! Summit.’ The event provided a remarkable platform for open, balanced, and thoughtful dialogue among diverse industry professionals. The unique format fostered constructive discussions, challenging us to think beyond our preconceptions and focus on real-world solutions. As a speaker, I was particularly impressed by your moderator’s ability to facilitate engaging conversations while maintaining a respectful and solution-oriented environment. This summit not only highlighted the complexities of our industry but also demonstrated the power of collaboration and mutual understanding in addressing these challenges. I believe attendees left with valuable insights and a renewed commitment to effective communication and collaboration in the field.”
Mark Berardi-IL, Plaintiff Attorney – Speaker

“Brad you are excellent at asking the right questions.
Ed Fako – IL, Appraiser/Umpire – Speaker

Brad is an innovator in getting all of the parties involved in an insurance claim together to try to streamline the process and always keep the Customer’s interest first…
Paul Woodward-FL, Contractor – Speaker

“The Settle The Claim summit provided invaluable insight into how we as an industry can communicate with better efficiency and results. Brad’s effective moderating allowed all sides to comfortably share their viewpoints.”
Bill Gaydos-AL, IA Firm – Speaker

“Enjoyed hearing other’s opinions and taking in new knowledge.”
Eyrs Rivera-IL, Public Adjuster – Attendee

“Hey Brad,
I will tell you this. Your course is one of the few courses I felt like the money I spent actually mattered.
You explained things how they are and I truly believe your team is needed in our industry to keep things fair.
There are so many gurus out there who are miseducating an entire generation and I can confidently say that APN is on the right side of our industry and I will be keeping tabs on you to see the bright things you accomplish.
Thank you for putting together a seminar. I was inspired by you Brad.”
Jovanny Ramirez -IL, Appraiser, Public Adjuster, Contractor – Attendee

“Today was a great day spent learning things I have not learned from other conferences I’ve been to.
The value for the return on investment was amazing and I highly recommend that the next time this comes around to definitely attend.”
Reanda Kirchner – IN, Contractor – Attendee

“Brad, I just wanted to let you know that I was Really Thoroughly Sincerely Impressed with your Presentation Points. If I had to sum up the entire shebang in one or two words, I would say;
“Unlimited Potential”
Each of those slides could be a session on their own merit.”
Ed Fako – IL, Appraiser/Umpire- Attendee

“The Seminar was very Informative and Educational. I’ve learned a lot.”
Adam Kwon-IL Public Adjuster-Attendee

“Awesome, Good Job, Very Detailed”
Robert Jackson-IL, Appraiser, Public Adjuster, Contractor – Attendee

“This was a wonderful experience. It is a lot different than the other ones I’ve been to.
It’s been an honor to be part of the first one and look forward to seeing what it grows to over the years.”
Michael Acerra-TX, Appraiser, Umpire, Public Adjuster, Independent Adjuster, Contractor-Attendee