Recovery Plan for the Homeowner
Prepare You, Your Family & Property for the Expected and Unexpected
Pre-Event Checklist
Family Readiness Plan
Property Readiness Plan
Communication Plan
Evacuate v. Shelter In Place
Mitgate, Stabilize & Protect Yourself, Family & Property from Further Harm
Family Protection
Pet Care
Property Protection
Rebuild & Restore Your Mental and Physical Health
Insurance Claim Process
Contractor Selection
Recovery Plan for the Business Owner
Prepare Your Business, Staff, Property, & Clients for Short or Long Term Interruption
Pre-Event Checklist
Employee Readiness Plan
Client Readiness Plan
Communication Plan
Asset Protection Plan
Service Continuity Planning
Mitgate From Further Financial, Tangible, & Non-Tangible Losses
Building Envelope
Employee Care
The Next Event
Rebuilding Starts Before the Catatrophic Event
3 Ps Property, Personnel, & Profits
Insurance Claim Process
Contractor Selection