Welcome Beta Tester

Welcome Beta Tester!


There are two directories.
There is an Appraiser Directory

and an Umpire Directory

We need you to test the functionality and the ease of understanding the features.

  1. Ease of understanding when you first log in and see the lists.
  2. Look for misspelled words.
  3. On both of the Directories Search for the name Beta Tester.
  4. Which badge(s) is by the name : None, Bronze, Silver, Silver VIP, Gold, Gold VIP, and or Platinum?
  5. Can you easliy read all the personal information?
  6. Then click on Review Appraiser/Umpire Button.
  7. Are the Rating Instructions easy to understand on the Rating Page?
  8. Are the rating categories self explanatory?
  9. Notice the grand total and category totals before you vote.
  10. Rate the Umpire/Appraiser in the categories then click submit.
  11. Did the totals change/add up correctly?
  12. Selection of rating thumbs up/down easy to use?
  13. Leave a test message then click submit.
  14. Leave a Thumbs up or thumbs down then refresh your browser.
  15. On each list click Add Appraiser/Umpire.
  16. From your personal Umpire Lists and Opposing Appraisers you have worked with
    try uploading 1 or more on the Umpire list and the Appraiser List.
  17. Now try re-uploading the same name on the same list and see if you get the error message
    Already on List.
  18. Use the Advanced Filter Button choose a state and input some search items.
  19. Click on Filter.
  20. Check up to 10 name and click Create List.
  21. Try to download or print the list.
  22. General Testing-All links to make sure they are working and not broken.
  23. Join our FACEBOOK Page for further updates.

You can return to this page anytime by going to My Account in the Members Area and click the Start Beta Button.

When you are through testing the Appraiser and Umpire Directories go to My Account in the Members Area and click the Start Survey Button.

There are no right or wrong answers on the survey.

When you have completed the survey our moderators will review your answers and you will be emailed a
10% Membership Discount Coupon!

If you add 10 Appraisers and or Umpires to the list you will receive an additional 5% Membership Discount Coupon.
Total 15% Discount.
Please rate them!

If you add an additional 15 Appraisers and or Umpires (25 total) to the list you will receive another a 5% Membership Discount Coupon. Total 20% Discount.
Please rate them!

Click Here to go to the Directories.

You can also go to the Directories by clicking the A/U Directory link on the Main Menu.